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Zimmerman’s Welding is a family-owned business that manufactures hoophouses and greenhouses for the horticultural industry and for various farms.  Zimmerman’s was started in 1989 and has been building greenhouses at our location in Versailles, MO since 1996.  We are on the approved list of high tunnel suppliers in conjunction with the NRCS  `Seasonal High Tunnel Initiative Program’ and have been providing these grant recipients with a high quality product.

The round metal tubing that is used in our structures is 2-3/8” in diameter and made of 14 gauge steel (USA made), and great attention is paid to including bracing and other components that add to the durability of the hoophouse.  The kits are put together for various sized units with all of the necessary components and hardware to build a structure that will withstand high winds and heavy snow loads.

Our customers have been impressed with the strength and integrity of our products.  The goal at Zimmerman’s is to build quality high tunnels and greenhouses that will last.


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